1.  Why do you only accept those moms who live in Murphy and Sachse? I live nearby, why can’t I join? Since we are a part of a larger International MOMS Club we have to follow their boundary rules. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need any policies on chapter boundaries. Everyone would just join whatever chapter they wanted, all chapters would succeed admirably and there would be no problems. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. The International MOMS Club never turns any mother away. Any mother who lives outside of Murphy and Sachse can join the MOMS Club chapter in her area or start a new chapter that covers her area. If you live outside of Murphy and Sachse, you can contact the International MOMS Club at momsclub@aol.com to find out if there is a chapter near you.

2.  Is the club religiously affiliated? No, the club is not religiously affiliated and welcomes diversity.

3.  Do nannies and/or dads participate in the club? The MOMS Club was originally created to support at home moms, and since we are a chapter of a larger organization, we have to abide by their by-laws. In order for a nanny or dad to join, our club would have to vote on allowing the nanny/dad to participate. There are a few other local groups for parents and caretakers. Please contact us if you would like help locating those other groups.

4.  What times are most of the club events? Almost all of our events occur during the day with the majority taking place during weekday mornings. We do have one MOMS Night Out/In each month that typically takes place on a weekday evening.

5.  I work. Can I still join the club? If you are at-home with your children during the daytime meeting and activity times, then yes. We have had members who work part-time, weekends, or who are nurses and work 3 days a week. Those types of jobs allow members to still participate in the majority of our meetings and activities.

6.  Do you do any community service projects? Yes! We do multiple community service projects throughout the year, such as visit local nursing homes, raise money to donate to local charities, and collect supplies (school, hygiene, etc) to donate to local charities.

7.  Do you do fundraisers? We do not do fundraisers to directly benefit our club.  The only fundraising we do is to raise money for charity. None of the money we raise from fundraising goes towards club expenses. All of our club operating expenses is covered by our yearly dues.

8.  Is there any fee to join your club? We know being an at-home mother today means making a financial sacrifice, so our dues are only $20 for the year.


(Neither the Murphy/Sachse, TX chapter nor International MOMS Club endorse any advertisements that appear on this page)